The Opportunity

ICM Property Partners Trust owns and operates a portfolio of real estate equity and debt assets diversified across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

The fund offers a compelling risk-adjusted total return to its unitholders with low correlation to the public markets, targeting a 5% - 7% p.a. distribution and total return of 9% - 12% p.a.

Why Investors Choose ICM property partners?


True diversification

Investors participate in a portfolio of real estate assets diversified across countries, markets, asset types, investment types and currencies. True diversification leads to improved risk-adjusted returns within a private real estate portfolio


Institutional Quality

Professionally managed, high-quality properties in investment grade markets. Registered Portfolio Managers focus on risk management and asset allocations to achieve investment objectives within defined investment restrictions


regional EXPERTISE

Expert regional teams provide access to premiere domestic and international opportunities by leveraging extensive local market relationships and partnerships


Industry Leadership

Fair management fees. Alignment of interest. No-fault manager removal provision. Monthly redemption right. NAV reported quarterly. Investor choice: Advantaged DRIP™, Balanced DRIP, Basic strategy

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Diversified investment strategies

By country, market, asset type, investment type and currency


the manager

ICM Asset Management is a registered alternative Investment Fund Manager and Portfolio Manager.