ICM Property Partners Trust aims to preserve capital, deliver income and achieve strong growth through diversified and tactical allocations to exclusive real estate opportunities in investment grade markets.

ICM has initially identified five investment strategies that it believes will out perform in the current environment.


U.S. Income Growth

Acquire existing U.S. properties in investment grade secondary markets that are under performing and present opportunities for meaningful income growth through active management strategies


U.S. Development

Partner with strong regional developers in U.S. growth markets to deliver exceptional new projects with the potential to earn strong income at a far more attractive cost basis compared to buying newly built properties at market pricing


Canadian Mezzanine Debt

Mezzanine lending, bridge lending and preferred equity strategies predominantly in western Canadian cities where returns rival available common equity returns from a more favourable position in the capital stack


Canadian Opportunistic

Opportunistic property investments in Canadian cities with potential for substantial value enhancement to overcome risk associated with current high prices of Canadian real estate


Mexican Opportunistic

Opportunistic equity investments in primary markets in Mexico with strong local operating partners to capitalize on robust market fundamentals, low cost of renovation/ construction and high profit margin