Invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality, well-located real estate assets in large metropolitan markets throughout Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, with a focus on generating superior returns through active value creation investment strategies.

Invest on Your Terms 

Compound returns through ICM’s proprietary Advantaged DRIP™ plan, or receive cash distributions

DRIP units issued at attractive discount, resulting in a higher anticipated return

Liquidity available through monthly redemption

At NAV beginning after year 3, no redemption fee

Varied commission and management fee structures

Lower load and lower management fees on larger investment size

No-fault management removal

Investors can vote to remove the Manager at any time

Independent Review Committee

The committee must unanimously approve any conflict of interest matters to ensure that investors are treated fairly

Choose a Distribution Option That Suits Your Needs



  • 100% re-investment of quarterly distributions

  • Highest anticipated total return

  • Purchase DRIP units at a discount

  • For investors wishing to compound their return



  • 50% re-investment, 50% Cash of quarterly distributions

  • Lower anticipated total return than Advantaged DRIP™ Strategy

  • Purchase DRIP units at a discount

  • For investors wanting modest quarterly income



  • 100% Cash of quarterly distributions

  • Lower anticipated total return than Advantaged DRIP™ or Balanced DRIP Strategies

  • Option to enter Balanced or Advantaged DRIP™ Strategies

  • For investors needing quarterly income


What am I investing in?

ICM Property Partners Trust gives investors the opportunity to invest in office, industrial, retail and multi-family properties and property related investments in Canadian, U.S. and Mexican cities where ICM and its team have local knowledge and experience.

How do I earn returns from this investment?

Returns are earned by investors from the rent and interest payments that ICM collects from tenants and borrowers, after paying for operating costs, plus anticipated increases in the value of the properties owned by the Trust. These returns are paid to investors in the form of quarterly distributions and long-term appreciation in the value of the Trust units.

When can I expect a return?

Quarterly distributions are paid 15 days after each quarter end, January 15, April 15, July 15, and September 15. The growth in the value of the units of the Trust is realized by an investor upon their eventual redemption at NAV.

What reporting can I expect?

Investors will receive quarterly bulletins and annual reports via email, and have access through ICM’s investor portal to view account statements. All necessary tax forms will be mailed within their respective deadlines.

What if I need liquidity?

Redemptions are available to investors on a monthly basis at the following price:

  • 90% of NAV until the end of the first year following the purchase or acquisition of Units
  • 95% of NAV in the second and third year following the purchase or acquisition of Units
  • 100% of NAV thereafter

Notice period and limitations on redemptions

  • 10 business day notice prior to month end, settlement 10 business days after month end
  • Up to 1% of total outstanding units redemption limit per calendar month
  • No redemption fee
  • Please refer to the section tilted “Redemption of Trust Units” in the Offering Memorandum for full details

What are the fees?

  • 1.40 -1.90% of NAV annual management fee (depending on unit series) & 1.0% acquisition fee
  • ICM will hold a 5% earned interest in the Trust via the ICM Participating Interest. In order to preserve NAV for Unitholders during the early years of the Trust, the ICM Participating Interest will vest over a period of approximately four years